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From our fascination with the definition of femininity, we started to work on a photo series. We looked for a concept to start the conversation from our perspective about the modern beauty standarts. We focused our series around women's leg hair. 


In the Second World War there was a shortage of parachute material. As a result, all nylon was taken including women's stockings. With slogans like “Beauty is your Duty”, women were expected to look good for their husbands who fought in the war. To still maintain the illusion of stockings, the legs were shaved and for instance rubbed with beetroot juice. Often a line was drawn on the leg as decoration. This was the beginning of the present-day ideal of beauty, in which hair is considered unattractive. 


We have incorporated this beauty ideal into photographic work. We have abstracted a photo of leg hair to such an extent that it has become a graphic print. We screen printed this on a neutral classic fabric of dark and light grey. From this fabric design we started looking at whether we could make the leg hair wearable again in everyday life. By printing leg hair on a skirt, we hope to make it more appealing instead of something that should not be seen.

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